Immersive Digital Experiences

We make digital beautiful.

Virtual events. Real Experiences.
So much more than a digital platform.


The world has changed, and people are craving human interaction more than ever.

We believe digital content must not only look beautiful, but must also feel and function beautifully.

It’s time to reimagine the future.


Our custom immersive experiences engage the senses and satisfy the growing need for deeper connection. Working together through strategy, content and custom design; let us help you connect with your audience.

We create human moments.


Ignore limitations. Forget about distances. The digital world provides a whole new realm of opportunities and experiences.

If we can dream it, we can create it.

Our goal is to connect people from all over the world in ways that are entertaining, relevant, and interesting.

Features & Services

Fully customized & branded virtual environments

Live chats

Secure servers


Chat 1 : 1 with private or direct messaging

AES video streaming encryption

API integration

Exclusive integration

Technical development & programming

Pre-recorded & live-streamed content

Translation & captioning

Security & data management

IFrame integration

Help desk support

User session management

Fully customized, branded, immersive, digital environment

Connecting people is our business.

Unique visual experiences allow users to immerse themselves and create virtual human moments. We believe that a sense of belonging, learning together, networking, and connection is a fundamental human need.

Our digital world is your playground.

No longer are you confined by the restrictions of time and space. Host your guests anywhere in the world from the streets of New York to a cruise in the Mediterranean. Create your own digital world, you are only limited by your imagination. A multi-tiered platform allows for users to truly tailor the ultimate guest experience.

So where do you want to go?

Event registration, data collection & integrations.

Event registration forms and API integration.

Capture user data programmed internally, or integrate 3rd party registration platforms using an API key or administrative access. The platform is designed to work with your existing Registration platform, such as Cvent, Eventbrite, Aventri or RegFox, using a custom built API integration.

Plug and play ready.

Our application is designed to work with your existing solution. We leverage iframe integration to easily embed your content, site or application. Integrating photobooths, games, video, and audio content has never been easier. Keep your guests and attendees engaged and online throughout your event.

Securely capture information.

Capture your audience demographics, geo-location, language, and technology easily. Analytics includes full user engagement online; demonstrating total clicks, click through, and overall platform activity. In addition, livestream data and pre-recorded video analytics summarize your audience viewing habits and total time of engagement.

Live chat.

Chats can be open to all guests, smaller breakout groups, or private one-to-one chats.

Help desk.

Live support allows users to ask questions in real time about the platform and event.

Real-time technical support provides your guest users with troubleshooting should any technical issues arise.

Get the peace of mind knowing that you have live technicians available to assist your guests.

Chat features.

Translation to and from English, French, and Spanish.

Chat can be set per room.

Users can be organized in rooms for enhanced networking.

Users can chat 1:1 with private or direct messaging.

Users can chat 1:1 with live video calling.


Allow your users to input real-time, discrete questions through a moderated channel.

Security & data management.

Scalable and designed to handle 1000-10000+ simultaneous users.

Junoo has been designed to facilitate intimate meetings up to large gatherings. Our servers and content delivery network provide real-time load balancing to facilitate your users. We use a sophisticated hosting solution that allows the application to be cached, providing the fastest load times in the industry.

Secure Hosting ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification, EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Certification

Scaling deployment for total number of users

Database encryption

Video encoding and transcoding AES 128 Bit encryption

Site security HTTPS & SSL certificates & secure programming

Dedicated DevOps to manage and monitor deployment

Load balancing and live monitoring of servers

Multilingual deployment

Let's get immersed.